Sheryl Emerson


Officer In Effective Control
Licensed Estate Agent


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Sheryl has been a fully licensed Estate Agent since 1977. With over 30 years of experience predominantly in Property Management, Sales and Trust Accounting.

Sheryl has earnt an enviable reputation for her knowledge and experience primarily in Property Management. As Officer In Effective Control of Emerson Oliver Estate Agents Pty Ltd, Sheryl is one of the few female Principals.

Sheryl’s experience in the Eltham municipality has enabled her to provide qualified service to both tenants and owners. Her ability to combine professionalism, knowledge and experience within her work is clearly defined by her continuously high standard of effective property management.

Having personally been involved in selling some of our most historical & notable properties throughout the district, Sheryl’s Real Estate knowledge is extensive. Under her supervision, each property in spite of its size and value, demands absolute care and attention.

“I believe, as a Property Manager, it is essential to remember that we are employed to care for the property and represent the best interests of the clients.”

Both Sheryl and her Property Management Team successfully manage a wide range of properties and ensure a coherent and efficient level of service. Together they work to ensure that you, the owner, is kept well informed about your property. Our team understands the importance of communication with both the landlord and tenant.

The progress of your property – the tenants’ payment record, their ability to maintain a level of care for your property and the need for any repairs or improvements, will be communicated to you, the owner, on a continual basis.

In Property Management experience is invaluable.