At Emerson Oliver we show the perspective tenant through the property. We do not hand out keys to inspect.

If a person applies for a property, we insist on a written tenancy application to be filled out and signed. Each person applying must fill out the application and must sign the lease.

All references are checked, likewise the National Tenancy Data Base is also checked for registered bad debtors or problem tenants. First impressions count, but sometimes the National Tenancy Data Base surprises us with rental histories or apparent respectable future tenants.
Likewise, before a tenant moves into any rental property, a thorough comprehensive report is written out on the property. Likewise, the rented house or flat is photographed throughout to ensure when the tenant vacates, the house or flat is in the same condition as we rented it.

Under the Act, the landlord or his representative is entitled to make two inspections per year of their property. Unlike most Agencies, we do 6 monthly inspections of the rental properties, and we invite the landlord to accompany us.
As Property Manager, Sheryl appraises all rental properties.
She bases her opinion on comparable rental properties, her experience and current market conditions. This is where Sheryl’s 30 years of experience is invaluable.
On the receipt of a new rental property, the Property Management Department will organise the following:

a) a “For Rent” board erected on your property
b) Place classified advertisements in the Diamond Valley Leader
c) Contact all suitable tenants on our data base and advise them of the availability of your property
d) Place your property on our website with a minimum of four photographs, as well as a detailed description of your property.
e) Put your property’s address and details on our property list, which is on display in the foyer of our two offices. This list is up-graded once every two days.

It is important for you, as a landlord, to be well informed. Therefore our Property Management Team will ensure that you are regularly kept informed of your progress during the letting period.
We pride ourselves on our selection of tenants. Selecting the right tenant for your
Property is essential, that is why we take extra care to evaluate each prospective tenant.

• Our comprehensive Application Form ensures us to carefully check each applicant.

• Rental history, current employment and financial stability are assessed thoroughly.

• We subscribe to the National Tenancy Database, which is only available to real estate agents. We check the applicants rental history on this data base to ensure no adverse history has been recorded.

• All suitable tenants are personally taken through the property. Whilst inspecting your property, our experienced Property Management Team are constantly assessing the perspective tenant/s. Their conversation, their dress, their demeanour.

• Approval of the tenant is made only after consultation with you, the owner
We prepare the REIV Lease Agreement, including any other specific terms as negotiated with the Landlord and Tenant.

• We insist on photographing all rental properties before and after the rental of each tenant. This is to ensure that your property is kept at the same standard when the tenant vacates as when the tenant took possession.

• A complete and comprehensive five page Conditions Report, which clearly outlines the conditions of your property at the tenancy. The tenant is given a copy and our office keeps a copy on file.

• By law we supply the tenant with a copy of “The Statement of Rights and Duties” and any other documentation that may be required under Government Legislation.

• A photocopy of all the keys is made and the tenant is then required to sign for them.