Since the change in the Real Estate Market and the introduction of the new Auction Laws, more owners have decided to sell by Private Sale. This allows the buyer to offer the listed price or offer a lower price and negotiate. Private sales are advertised with a fixed selling price.

The Good thing for Vendors, is the buyers who procrastinate or offer a low price sometimes misses out because there's always another buyer.

At Emerson Oliver, we find the other buyer.
Unlike the Private Sale Method, For Sale by Negotiation is one whereby an introductory price is used to target the right buyers to negotiate upwards to a sale price. This method does not place a limit on the sale price of your property.
A new trend has developed in the Real Estate Market. With Estate agencies offering alternatives to the Auction Day. We at Emerson Oliver also offer a new way of selling, "Exclusive Date Sale.” This method of selling offers the owner the benefits of an auction without all the stress. Simply put, a date is chosen - 5 to 6 weeks in advance in which all offers have to be submitted. A sworn valuation of your of you home is offered, so you can be properly informed to make the right decision.